Exposure to toxic substances

Toxic Tort Attorney Toxic tort cases are a consequence of when people are unknowingly exposed to unsafe chemicals or materials that cause injury, illness or death. These poisons can come from a number of sources. They can exist in consumer products, pharmaceuticals, can be part of a contaminated environment, at the work place, and may even be present in the home. For instance, during the building of a house, construction materials such as wood or carpeting may be treated with chemicals such as formaldehyde and pesticides.  These harmful substances linger after families move into the completed house. Toxins can also be present in drinking water, air, or soil. A defective drug can be detrimental to thousands of patients, and litigation can be held against the drug manufacturers and the physicians who prescribed them.

An individual may be exposed to a health hazard for a very long period of time without being aware of the cause of their ongoing injury. The injury, illness, or death may occur long after their exposure, and it may not always be known until long afterward that a toxic chemical was the cause. However, in most toxic tort cases, there are several others who have had the same symptoms or injury. So the problem of exposure to a toxic substance is easier to recognize.

Types of Toxic Tort Cases

Numerous recent toxic chemical cases include: Diacytyl (popcorn lung disease), Avandia, Accutane, Byetta, Duragesic pain patch, Foasmax, Gadolinium, Ortho Evra, Paxil, Prempro, Renu, Raptiva, Stevens-Johnson syndrome, Trasylol and Manganese poisoning.

Getting answers and compensation

Determining who the responsible parties are in a toxic tort case can be difficult because the toxins may have been present for years and even decades before they are discovered. Several parties might be responsible throughout that period time. This is why Joynes and Gaidies provides free consultation with our clients immediately after they experience an abnormal illness, injury, or death occurs; especially if the ailment is the same as others in the same house,  workplace or neighborhood.

Joynes and Gaidies have the resources to thoroughly investigate toxic tort claims. If you experience an abnormal illness or injury, contact our law office for the initial consultation for your toxic tort case. You have nothing to lose and everything to gain in this professional consultation. Call Joynes and Gaidies today to get answers and compensation.