Understanding Harmful Consumer Products

Product Liability or cases involving dangerous, harmful and defective products should be taken seriously because harmful products injure or seriously harm countless consumers every day.

There are three kinds of product liability:

  1. Manufacturing Defects, are usually the result of a manufacturer using inferior materials or substandard workmanship.
  2. Design Defects, involves the attributes of the product which lend it to being inherently hazardous.
  3. Failure to Warn, takes place when nonobvious endangerment or risks could have been avoided with adequate warnings to the consumer. (This type of liability is also known as also known as Marketing Defects).

What qualifies a product as defective?

Product LiabilityMany products currently on the market are being sold to consumers even though they are unsafe, dangerous or defective. These products are flawed items that can cause fires, release poisons and contaminate our food and water. The list of defective items is extensive and covers a wide variety consumer used products including: motor vehicles, drugs, pharmaceuticals and popular children’s toys.  Products such as defective helmets, child seats and automobiles parts are examples of items that fail the consumer just when they are needed most. Claims can be made against manufacturers, distributors, suppliers, retailers, and the party who have made products available to the public. When a defective product causes injuries or death, the manufacturer can be held responsible. Each year, thousands of products are recalled due to legal proceedings.

Product Liability Attorney Joynes & Gaidies represents the consumer

It is very important for consumers to understand that government regulations on product safety often lack teeth, and alone do not protect the victims or consumers-at-large. The only recourse for victims is to sue for damages. Often, manufacturers will continue to sell defective products until lawsuits force them to fix the defect. Along with our determination, Product Liability Attorney Joynes & Gaidies has the experience and financial resources to fight large corporations. We have stood up to these corporations and have a proven track record of success.