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The first thing that needs to be done when filing a personal injury lawsuit in Virginia Beach, VA is to contact a personal injury lawyer.  Then you should begin preparing all the proof that you have that leads you to believe you deserve  collection.  There are a number of different things that can be considered as evidence.  This includes a witness to working environments or medical records that prove that someone else was responsible for your injury.   Having a personal injury lawyer is essential in sorting through all the evidence and deciding if the case is worth going to trial.

Payment Options

Personal injury law firms typically work on a contingency fee basis.  We will meet with you free of charge to help determine if you have a valid claim.   If we end up representing you our fees are paid out as a percentage  based on winning compensation in damages.

When to File your Personal Injury Lawsuit

Once we get started, you’ll need to prepare all the evidence you have we will then go to the local civil court, where the proper forms will be submitted. Once it has been filed and noted at the court, all of the information will be sent to the person who we are bringing the lawsuit up against.

This part of bringing the defendant to attention of the lawsuit is also known as serving.  The important part is that you have someone confirm their identity so that legally they can be counted as being aware of the lawsuit and are therefore accountable for what happens. Once identity is confirmed, the server will hand the papers over to the defendant and inform them that they have been served.

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