When you've been involved in a car accident, it's important to seek whatever medical care you may need.

When you've been involved in a car accident, it's important to seek whatever medical care you may need. No one imagines when they climb into a car and buckle up that they’re going to be in car accident that day. And although we have air bags and higher safety standards to protect drivers, motor vehicle crashes are the leading cause of death for children age 4 and every age from 11 to 24, according to the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration.

Incredibly, there were more than 5.3 million traffic accidents (car accidents and motor cycle accidents) reported to police in 2011. And more than 2.2 million people suffered injuries from those crashes.

Chances are, if you drive or ride in a car, you will be in a car accident at some point in your life whether you live in Virginia Beach, Norfolk or any other cities in South Hampton Roads.

When you’ve been involved in a car accident, it’s important to seek whatever medical care you may need.

You should also consider hiring an attorney. At Joynes and Gaidies Law Group, we help ordinary people who have been injured in automobile and motorcycle accidents.

It’s also important to remember that while insurance companies are promptly there to take your information and determine damages, you still need someone with experience on your side to make sure your expenses are covered.

The insurance company’s No. 1 priority is to seek out ways to keep compensation figures low and protect their budget.

Many car accident or motorcycle accident victims feel guilty about hiring an attorney because they don’t want to financially penalize another driver who meant no harm. But the ones they end up hurting are themselves. Drivers pay premiums specifically for these situations so that no one ends up bankrupt trying to pay their medical bills.

Make sure you protect yourself by seeking the legal advice of Joynes and Gaidies. Our knowledgeable team of personal injury lawyers, which has more than 100 years combined experience, has helped clients receive some of the largest settlements in the country for catastrophic vehicle accident injuries.

Please print out our Auto Accident Checklist to keep in your glove box should you be in any type of auto collision.

Click Here for the Auto Accident Checklist

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